Top 10 Unisex MUST HAVES for 2013!!!


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Entering into 2013 most people have put away the concept of a “New Year’s Resolution,” and adopted a new philosophy that focused on just being “better” in 2013.  I 100% have adopted this theory as well and because of that a list of “Must Haves” was birthed.  These are things I feel should be within every persons possession; so sit back, prop your feet up, and enjoy the list that was created just for you!

#10.  A Facial/Body Exfoliant

This cold and harsh winter has been giving our skin a boxing match between us and the elements, and unfortunately some of us are losing the fight! Did you know sugar scrub2that our natural skin cellular turnover takes place every 30-45 days (and we wonder why our skin looks so lackluster at times), so we have to help it out by exfoliating it at least it at least once a week.  By doing so you will help your skin feel softer, absorb product better, and improve it overall appearance.

Keep in mind there are 3 Types of Exfoliants

  • Physical Exfoliant (for the face a clarisonic brush or polished facial scrub; and for the body a sugar, salt, and or exfoliating gloves will work great)
  • Enzymatic Exfoliant (pumpkin, papaya, yam, etc)
  • Chemical Exfoliant (alpha hydroxy acids such as glycolic, malic, and lactic)

 #9. A Hydrating Facial/ Body Product

In order to maintain healthy, plump, and radiant skin you must give your canavas Esthetician2the adequate amount of moisture to create what we like to call the “dewy look.”  There are tons of great moisturizers out there, and selecting the right one can sometime pose as a challenge. However, keep in mind that if you are oily you want to use a water base moisturizing agent, and if you’re truly dry an oil base moisturizing agent may suffice. Also keep in mind that “dry” skin is extremely different than “dehydrated”  skin.  I will go into further detail in another blog positing regarding those differences.  Just make sure your not using the same moisturizer for your face that you are using for the body.

#8.  A Food Based Multi- Vitamin

By now we should have a clear understanding that our skin is the number one Food Based Multilargest organ of the body, and might I add the only externally exposed organ. With that said we have to work a little harder to keep it healthy and functioning properly.  That’s why I highly recommend a food base multivitamin, because our body will recognize the nutrients more efficiently and provide quicker results.  I love to use Whole Foods/Sprouts as my go to place for supplements but there are tons of natural markets out there to choose from.

#7.  A Juicer

I always emphasize to my clients the importance of a well balanced diet, in regards juicer 2to maintaining healthy skin and more importantly a healthy body.  I know it can be a little challenging to consume 8-12 servings of fruits and vegetables a day; however there is a simple solution and it’s juicing.  When you invest in a juicer you allow your body to have all the fruits and vegetables it needs in one 12oz glass.  There is a little prep time needed to wash and cut your produce but that refreshing, nutritional, delicious glass of juice you get at the end is well worth the time spent preparing it! There are two types of juicers; heat pressed (which you have to drink within 20mins) and cold pressed (which keeps the nutrients alive for up to 72 hours.)   I recommend a cold pressed juicer because even though it’s an investment up front the payoff is much greater in the end.

#6.  Sleep

sleep_tips_225Though we understand the importance of sleep, due to our hectic lifestyles it sometimes seems impossible to get our eight hours of beauty rest nightly. Here are some helpful tips to create a more tranquil resting environment:

  • Never sleep with electronics in your room and yes this includes your TV and cell phone
  • Try sleeping with a sleeping mask, it helps to give your eyes true rest and blocks out street light that can cause eye stimulation and a restless slumber
  • Invest in a humidifier
  • Keep a regular sleep schedule
  • Reframe from engaging in over stimulating brain activity such as watching TV or reading to close to your bed time

#5.  A Good Massage Therapist

Man - recreation,  rest,  relaxation and massageWe only have one body why not care for it in the proper manner.  Considering the amount of stress, toxins, and physical strain we put on our bodies daily we need someone who is licensed and extremely skilled in knowing anatomy, physiology, and methods of keeping our bodies healthy and functioning properly.  Getting monthly or even biweekly massages will help you with some of the following:

  • Enhance immunity by stimulating lymph flow
  • Increase joint flexibility
  • Help athletes of any level prepare for, and recover from strenuous workouts
  • Pump oxygen/nutrients into tissue and the vital organs, while improving circulation
  • Help alleviate tight and imbalanced muscles

#4.  A Personal Trainer

On the subject of the body and anatomy/physiology, a personal trainer paired with a massage therapist is truly the “dynamic duo.”  When you workout with a trainer personal traineryou give your body the opportunity to experience a unique and customized workout session that is geared specifically towards you achieving the results needed for your body type.  Far too often we are under the impression that we can simply go to to the gym, workout, take group exercise classes and that’s enough.  All three of them are indeed beneficial but you can run the risk of injury and creating muscle imbalance by not having the full grasp of understanding body transformation.  Losing weight and being healthy and in shape are two different aspects.  There are numerous benefits of having a personal trainer, private pilates,  or even a gyrotonic instructor such as:

  • Programs tailored towards your specific needs
  • Regain proper body alignment and muscular balance
  • Result driven training and progress tracking
  • Shape and redefine the physical appearance of your body
  • Learn proper technique and form

#3.  A Skilled Esthetician

The phrase “It’s written all over your face” could have not been further from the truth.  Being as though the skin is our number one accessory, why do we estheticainsometimes choose to treat it like a red headed step child?  Our skin truly reflects our lifestyle, genetics, stress levels, and dietary choices.  There are tons of estheticians out there but you should specifically seek out a corrective based skincare specialist that can accommodate and care for your skin imbalances.   Also keep in mind that estheticians are not soley performing just facials but also waxing, body treatments, scalp treatments, spray tanning, and in some places even teeth whitening! There are tons of benefits to having an esthetician:

  • Having someone properly assess your skin and provide effective treatments that can steer your skin in a healthy direction.
  • Ridding your pores of those unsightly black heads and white heads that can cause long term damage to the skin if not removed properly.
  • Provide regenerating treatments via micro-derm, hydra derm, chemical peels, and LED light therapy to reveal a more radiant and youthful complexion.
  • Remove excessive hair from the body for both male and female that can cause unnecessary body odor and distract from muscular definition.
  • Keeping your skin well balanced so that it can function properly and look its best.

#2.  A Good Oral Hygiene System

oralhyg2Lets face it: no one wants to talk to someone whose breath isn’t quite fresh,  has yellow teeth, and cracked lips (yes I am throwing lips into this category as well). So are you doing your absolute best to maintain the health of your mouth? Brushing, flossing, and using mouth wash are some ways to maintain fresh breath along with healthy teeth, but did you know your diet plays a factor also?  What we choose to eat can affect our hydration levels, disrupt the natural salivary process, and stain our teeth. So try to incorporate both internal health and daily oral hygiene to create a healthy oral cavity.

#1. Confidence

confidenceLast but definitely not least, the number one thing that will surely make you stand out in a crowd is that good old thing we like to call CONFIDENCE.  Everyone desires it and is extremely attracted to it, so why are we all not working towards getting it and maintaining it.  Whether you regard it as swagger, style, or the “it” factor, we all need to find out the ideal way of translating this thing called confidence into our everyday lifestyle. Here are some tips that may help:

  • Stop comparing yourself to the next woman/man
  • Find what works best with your personality type/ body image and stamp that as your personal style
  • Draw inspiration from magazines, articles, and inspirational speakers to boost your ego
  • Learn how to accept yourself 100% flaws and all
  • Try to find out what you love the most about yourself and make it radiate

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Does Diet=Healthy Skin?


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To Eat or Not to Eat……

So this subject has been an on going debate for years, does our diet affect our skin? Every person has their on theory on this and mine stands strong and firm that diet ABSOLUTELY affects the overall wellness of the skin. Granted everyone DNA is wired differently, and certain things affect some people more than others, but coming from a professional skincare standpoint, diet can make or brake your number one accessory, your skin. Healthy glowing skin is something that we all desire, but the question is how do we get it, and what do we have to do in order to keep it! My clients are always inquiring about the latest trends in the beauty industry that will promote a radiant canvas, and being a skincare mentor I constantly inform them that the true equation to a J Lo glow (Outside of an amazing makeup artist, I love you Scott Barnes) is healthy skin. All the topical products in the world will not give your skin the luster you truly desire if your stress levels are high, living food consumption is low, and refined sugar intake is through the roof. So what are your views, are you pro healthy diet to give you radiance, or do you think its a crock of crap?